Sharp MX-4071 Review [Strengths + Weaknesses]

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If you're looking for an honest review of the Sharp MX-4071, then keeping reading. The MX-4071 has been a poster-child of quality for small and medium-sized workgroups and we breakdown why that's the case. 

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Like all of our machine reviews, we rely on the unbiased knowledge of our friends at Keypoint Intelligence (formerly Buyer's Lab). As an independent research firm, the data they provide the multifunction printer industry is invaluable and honest.

So, as one of the largest Sharp providers in the southeastern US, why would we want to list the good and the bad about a machine we sell? At Standard Office Systems, we are committed to offering customers an unbiased point-of-view on the machine's we sell.

We have found that when customers go into a buying decision with as much information as we possible (even the bad), they prove to be much more satisfied over time. Plus, we understand that no machine is perfect, and if someone is making you believe that such a machine exists, run!

Sharp MX-4071 Review

Sharp MX-4071Market Entry: December 2018
Speed: 40 ppm
Dimensions: 33" x 24" x 26"

An outstanding choice for small and medium-sized workgroups. With improved reliability and fast speeds, users can expect strong efficiency over time. Sharp's are known for intuitive maintenance and simple guides to assist in keeping machines operational; such as, paper limit guides in drawers to prevent misfeeds. Should there be misfeed, sections can be easily removed to retrieve paper. Although image quality is strong, this would not be the best machine to choose for printing marketing collateral.


  • Two-sided print jobs are largely faster than average
  • Among the fastest in its class when scanning two-sided documents
  • Above-average maximum paper capacity


  • Secure print procedures are non-intuitive 
  • Standard paper capacity is below average
  • Help function at the control panel is limited

Consider Copier Service

It would be no surprise to us if you were already considering copier service. For some, however, they feel like they can save some money by maintaining their machine alone. Usually, this the thought process of smaller organizations that do less printing.

It's important to note that even if your volume is lower, you should still consider a service agreement. Much like a car that sits for long periods of time, if a copier site idle for too long, things like parts and toner can can freeze up and not work properly.

Routine maintenance is important because you avoid more costly repairs as a result of neglect. Additionally, if you work through a dealer, you may be able to enroll in an auto-toner replenishment program. This is great for busy office or IT manager who are responsible for keeping toner supplies current. 

Dealers are also capable of offering toner at lower costs do to their significant purchasing power with manufacturers - a benefit not afforded to consumers purchasing from a big box retailer or online.

Is the 'who' that important?

Most importantly, who your service provider is critical. Reading reviews and purchasing the device with the highest rating is great!

But it will do you little good if the service and support provided is from a dealer with a less than stellar reputation. Not all providers are created equally and you may be surprised to find out that working directly with the copier manufacturer isn't as much of an advantage as you may think.

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At the end of the day, average service will take an otherwise exceptional machine and make it - - well, average. The inverse of that is also true, as we have seen machines with B+ reputations become A+ machines due to the value a great service provider can offer.

Before starting a conversation with a copier dealer, make sure you understand how to select the best copier dealer in your area. Do your homework to ensure that you're not only getting the best machine, but the best service to compliment it.

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