What is a Multifunction Printer? [In Under 100 Words]

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What is a Multifunction Printer


There are so many types of printers available to a business that it can become difficult to keep them straight. As a multifunction printer dealer, we aim to use our expertise to simplify the buying process. Keep reading for a quick multifunction printer definition and more. 

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What is a Multifunction Printer?

Advantages of a Multifunction Printer

What to Look for in a Multifunction Printer

What is a Multifunction Printer?

Advantages of a Multifunction Printer

Energy Efficiency

One significant advantage of purchasing a multifunction printer is the fact that many efficiently use power. They enter energy-saving mode when not in use.

Office Space Efficiency

An office can replace 3-4 normal printers with one multifunction printer. These printers function so fast and efficiently that numerous teams and departments can use a single machine.

Workplace Efficiency

Having one device that can print, scan, copy, and fax streamlines business operations, especially because multifunction printers complete all these print jobs fast. 

A variety of finishing options such as stapling and folding mean that projects can get completed faster without the need for manual finishing or having to wait on an external printing company to finish the job.

Multifunction printers also let businesses streamline processes by enabling remote printing needs. By printing from a wireless or mobile device, print jobs can be completed with ease. 

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Cost Efficiency

Multifunction printers can save your company money in a few ways.

Their energy efficiency not only helps the environment but also reduces the strain to your company's monthly electricity bill. Additionally, since these printers can replace the need for multiple printers in the office, reduced overall maintenance is needed, which lowers service costs. 

Multifunction printers make it easier to digitize documents, which can save you money spent on future print jobs.

What to Look for in a Multifunction Printer

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When shopping for a multifunction printer, here are some questions to keep in mind.


  • Can it scan over a network or only through a USB connection?
  • Does it have a flatbed scanner for books and photos?
  • Can it scan transparencies and slides?
  • What size transparencies?


  • Can it function as a stand-alone copier or does it have to connect to a computer?


  • Do you have to print a document or can you fax it directly from a computer?
  • Does it require you to install a fax utility or driver?


  • Does the device scan to your in-house email or through your internet service provider?
  • Does the direct email feature work with your specific Internet service provider?

Automatic Document Feeder

  • Does it have an ADF for copying, scanning, and faxing?
  • Can the ADF scan legal-size pages?
  • Can it scan double-sided documents?

As a multifunction printer dealer, we know that sometimes our industry can be complex and the variety of options can become a lot for people. We hope that this blog made our industry a little easier to understand!

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