Two Truths One Lie [Dark Web Edition]

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Crazy stories circulate the Internet about the dark web and what kind of activity takes place there. To illustrate the kind of activities that happen on the dark web, in this article we are going to describe two real stories about the dark web and one fictional one. Your job is to figure out which one is the false story without cheating by Googling the stories. Read through to the end of the article to see if you were right!

Story One: Vegan Drug Market

Dark Web Stories

Veganism is a growing trend worldwide as people seek to reduce their carbon footprint and animal product consumption. For those seeking to extend their vegan habits to other aspects of their lifestyle, you can now buy vegan drugs on the dark web.

Vegan cannabis cookies and LSD tabs are for sale if you're looking to partake while not causing harm to animals. Some dark web drug cartels have even taken their ethical claims a step further by selling "ethically sourced" drugs such as DMT.

And for those who seek to reduce their carbon footprint, some companies are going green while selling green. A few dark web drug cartels are selling class A drugs in reusable containers

Story Two: A Moral Human Trafficker

Stories About the Dark Web

Though the phrase "moral human trafficker" sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, it rang true when a British model was drugged and kidnapped. A human trafficking group based out of the Middle East kidnapped a model after luring her to Italy for a photo shoot

After transporting her to a remote house in his car's trunk, the alleged kidnapper kept the model captive for almost a week. He sent the model's family a ransom note demanding a steep price for their daughter's safe return.

The kidnapper had a change of heart after some time, however. After finding out that the model was a young mother, he knew he had to release her, since the trafficking group he was associated with couldn't fetch a high price for young mothers. 

In a twist of events, the subsequent court case revealed that the kidnapper might be a serial liar. Documents show that he did not belong to the alleged human trafficking group and had instead falsified his story to scare the model into complying.

At first, the perpetrator also tried to defend himself by saying that the model plotted a staged kidnapping with him to boost her public profile. 

Story Three: Jilted Lover Enacts Revenge

Stories About the Dark Web

A Pennsylvania man was recently convicted of buying an illegal firearm on the dark web to carry out a homicide on his wife's other lover. Police were notified of the unfolding crime when the cheating man's neighbor called 911 after hearing several gunshots.

When police arrived to the scene, they used police dogs to track the man down in a nearby forest. After questioning the man as to how he planned out the crime, he said that he was an avid fan of the show "How to Get Away With Murder". Additionally, the man used Google to research dark web firearm sales.

Though the man tried to cover his Internet tracks by using a library computer to conduct research, he failed to cover his tracks in real life, seeing as muddy footprints were left behind at the scene that were later used to convict him. 

Which Story is Fake?

If you guessed that story number three was the fake one, then you are correct! While that entire story was falsified, if you know about how the dark web works, a clue that it was fake lies in the sentence that says that the man used Google to research dark web firearm sales.

In reality, you cannot use Google to access dark web sites - you must use a special browser like Tor. Additionally, search engines don't index dark web sites, so these sites wouldn't even show up on Google search results.

If you are curious about the first story, check out all the details here. If you wish to read about the second story, check out all the details here

Though not all of these stories are real, they showcase some of the activities that can take place on the dark web. If you are a business owner, your company's private information, such as employee account logins and social security numbers, could be stolen to sell on the dark web

Once this information is on the dark web, it's almost impossible to completely remove this information. However, strengthening your company's cyber security measures can prevent this information from being stolen at all

Consider managed services as a way of holistically protecting your business from cyber threats. By implementing multiple layers of security, managed services creates a secure barrier around your company's network, keeping your private information safe.  

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