Temperature Scanners

Customization and temperature accuracy for today's needs along with additional software integrations for future needs

What is a Temperature Scanner?

Temperature scanners, also known as temperature scanning kiosks, use a combination of facial recognition and infrared technology to quickly identify and scan an individual's temperature.

These devices can identify an individual and assess their temperature within a few seconds. This makes the kiosks suitable for mass temperature vetting purposes and more, for instance at:

  • Corporate offices/warehouses− Scan visitors and employees alike, take attendance, and restrict building access by syncing kiosks to doors. 
  • Schools− Quickly screen students' temperatures and take attendance as they arrive in the morning.
  • Large event venues− Scan attendees quickly at our non-contact kiosks to keep lines moving while minimizing your employees' exposure to them.
  • Doctor's offices− Pre-screen patients before their visits to minimize the spread of infectious conditions.
  • More!
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How does a Temperature Scanner work?

First, the device will prompt the individual to step within approximately 1-3 feet of the kiosk.

Using facial recognition technology, the kiosk will detect a human face and then use infrared technology to assess their temperature by scanning the forehead. Facial Recognition Scanner

Then, those with high temperatures can be pulled aside for additional screening.

If an individual has a temperature higher than the allowed threshold, they can be pulled aside to be assessed again with a hand-held thermometer or to be asked questions about their current symptoms.

You can create user profiles to recognize employees and repeat visitors to historically track temperatures and more.

This is useful in the event of having to contact trace an individual who becomes sick with a contagious condition.

Since our kiosks can be integrated with other software, they have the capability to use user profiles to restrict building access and take attendance.

To learn more about how facial recognition technology works, read our blog here.


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powerful additional  api integrations

Make the investment last past COVID-19 by implementing additional integrations with: 

  • Gates, turnstiles, and door access
  • Various peripheral expansions such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers, two-dimensional code readers, etc.

advanced infrared temperature sensor

Read an individual's temperature in 1 second using an industry-leading, German-manufactured infrared temperature sensor that is more accurate than others on the market.

advanced facial recognition

  • Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared, and LED dual photo flood lamp
  • 30,000 person capacity for user profile database
  • Facial recognition within 1 second
  • Only a 0.1% mis-recognition rate
  • Device can detect faces even while wearing a mask, glasses, or a hat

crystal clear display

  • 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display
  • Commercial-grade, waterproof, and dust-proof design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Built-in speakers provide audio alerts, including warnings for abnormal
    temperatures and prompts to request that users wear a mask

plug and play setup 

We will pre-configure the kiosk so that when it shows up at your door, all you have to do is plug it in for it to start functioning.

Having additional issues? Contact us, or, if you're in metro Atlanta, we can visit your office.

non-contact usage

The use of Facial recognition technology and an automated display means that users are automatically scanned simply by approaching the kiosk.

No touching of the kiosk or voice prompts are required. 


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restore stakeholder and consumer confidence

Keeping employees and visitors safe sets a public example of social responsibility and puts cautious minds at ease.


Use either the desktop or free-standing kiosk to efficiently scan patrons, and then set specific temperature thresholds and pop-up prompts that suit your needs.

streamline business operations

API’s allow for integrations with certain software as well as doors and turnstiles, offering businesses multi-functionality.

protect your employees' health

No-contact kiosks minimize the physical contact that employees have with visitors compared to the use of hand-held temperature scanners.

minimal disruption to business operations

By identifying potentially infectious individuals, you can prevent outbreaks and keep your doors open. Optional synchronization with your exterior doors keeps those registering a temperature from entering your premises.

contact tracing

In the event that an infected user enters the building after a scan, you can pull their profile and export Excel logs of previous scans to see how long they’ve registered a temperature. This is key in contact tracing and identifying the source of an infection before it spreads.

Device Mounting Options

Automated Temperature ScannerStandard Office Systems offers our temperature scanners with two display options:

  • Desktop mount
  • Stand-alone kiosk
*Additional display options may be available upon request


Automated Body Temperature Scan Demo