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Healthcare practices today depend on reliable network security. To stay compliant with data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, organizations in the healthcare industry, both large and small, require custom IT solutions.

Larger organizations may have the resources to achieve quality in-house support, but what about smaller to medium-sized organizations who cannot afford in-house support?

Too often, they rely on part-time/understaffed IT departments or inconsistent, break-fix contractors to keep their network up to speed. Either of these options run the risk of losing productivity and facing costly downtime.

SOS’s NetVantage Managed IT Services - headquartered conveniently in metro-Atlanta - go far beyond your standard break-fix solution.

We serve as a strategic IT partner for your organization. We offer Fortune 500-level cyber security resources without straining your budget. Whether you have one or several locations, you can focus on managing and growing your business while we take care of your network security.

Why Should the Healthcare Industry Employ MANAGED IT SERVICES?

Healthcare IT Services in Atlanta

It is no longer a question of if a company should leverage managed IT services but to what degree. More and more companies are being attacked by hackers each day. We are discovering that the vast majority of these targets are small to medium-sized businesses. 

Benefits of our managed IT services offering include:

  • Data Security- We know that data security is paramount in your industry. That's why we consistently strategize on how to make updates and improvements to your network to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats. 
  • Cyber Attack Prevention- Instead of simply rebuffing cyber threats when they attack, which is a reactive security approach that is not sustainable long-term, we take proactive steps to prevent cyber threats from having an opportunity to attack in the first place.
  • Cost/Budgeting Ease- Compared to the sizable costs of building and maintaining an internal IT department as well as other managed IT services pricing models, our pricing bills in one low flat rate per month, simplifying your budgeting. 
  • Productivity- As opposed to a help desk, we use a tiered Network Operations Center to ensure that support calls are appropriately elevated to the person best suited to quickly solve the issue. Additionally, we implement various protocol to minimize network downtime, keeping business operations running smoothly.
  • Flexibility- If you have an internal IT department and are just looking for a third-party company to handle low-level support calls, we can act as a help desk for your office.

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Client Testimonial

"The key factors for choosing to work with SOS were your in-depth product knowledge and dedication to our needs as well as your ability to provide us with an innovative solution to our 5 locations within the means of our budget."

- Rehabilitation Physicians of Georgia

Our Managed IT SERVICES OFFERING for the Healthcare INdustry 

Healthcare MSPs in Atlanta

The section below is just a portion of our entire offering. To learn more about our entire managed IT services package, visit our webpage or contact us.

HIPAA Compliance

We know that HIPAA compliance is paramount in the healthcare industry. That's why we perform regular network maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your company's data is secure enough to avoid HIPAA violations. 

We implement the following methods and more to keep your organization compliant:

  • Private file sharing- To ensure that sensitive information like patient files aren't accessed by unauthorized personnel, we implement private file sharing measures that encrypt documents so that only the intended recipient can view them. 
  • Email filtering- We keep phishing threats at bay by leveraging email filtering platforms that detect and flag potential scam emails looking to steal your sensitive information. 
  • Dark web scanning- By searching the dark web for published company information, we learn where security gaps exist so we can prevent them from further being taken advantage of. 
  • Cyber security educational courses- All it takes is one employee making a mistake to compromise the security of your entire network. To mitigate the risks associated with human error, we conduct educational phishing courses to teach your employees how to recognize and avoid common cyber threats. 
  • Role-based security- To prevent anyone from seeing private information that they aren't authorized to, we work with you to assign security clearances so that employees only see the information necessary to do their job.
  • Network patching- Security gaps can exist everywhere from your printer to your work phone. We scan every aspect of your network to ensure that hackers have no opportunities to breach it. 

backup continuity and disaster recovery planning

Imagine what would happen if your network were to crash or be hit with ransomware. Your practice might lose access to your patient files, or be hit with a data privacy violation if hackers access PII.

The costs associated with network downtime can hurt your business' bottom line too. Downtime can sometimes reach as high as $5,600 per minute, according to cyber security industry leader Gartner! 

Far too often, companies use on-premise hard drives to back up their data. However, these are susceptible to natural disasters and can be rendered useless if an in-house employee completes a backup incorrectly.

To mitigate these risks, we work with your business to create a Backup Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan. BCDR plans mitigate the risks associated with network outages by frequently and securely backing up data to the cloud. They also set in place a protocol in the event of a cyber attack or network outage to minimize downtime. 

Having a comprehensive BCDR plan ensures that in the event of a network outage, no data is lost and your network can quickly be recovered and restored to full functionality.

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streamlined business operations

If your business is looking to further streamline your operations, you can take advantage of SOS’s full office technology suite, which includes business phone systems, VoIP products, copiers, and printers

We're a one-stop shop for your office technology needs. When you purchase multiple lines of office technology from us, you simplify your budgeting while improving the quality of day-to-day business operations.

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To learn more about our entire managed IT services offering, visit our webpage or contact us.